FinanciaLit4Women: Improving financial literacy for NEET women through game-based learning



Τhe FinanciaLit4Women project officially started on December 1st and continued with a virtual meeting held on December 17th, 2020, hosted by the coordinator of the project (Eesti People to People). The meeting brought together all six partners – the project coordinator, Eesti People to People, and the project partners, STANDO LTD from Cyprus, MITRA FRANCE from France, IKKAIDO LTD from the United Kingdom, Ikkaido Inclusive Martial Arts from Ireland, and Innovation Hive from Greece. Partners presented their own organizations followed by a project presentation by STANDO (the Cypriot partner).

Since the beginning of the project, partners had been working on the survey template which was also discussed during the meeting. The project activities and outputs were presented and intellectual outputs and activities were also discussed. The project coordinator presented management responsibilities and tasks. The partners also agreed on an agenda that would focus on producing quality results and help women to improve their financial literacy skills and close the gender gap in financial knowledge.

The project had been successful in the Erasmus+ call in 2020 and consequently cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union for its 2-years’ implementation.


FinanciaLit4Women Results & Impact


Overall, the outcome of the project was a set of tools and game-based learning resources. The aim of the resources was the empowerment of women through financial skills acquisition to equally respond to the demands of the labor market, to the financial demands of modern society, and civic life.
The aim of the resources were gender equality in the financial sector, to empower women to respond to the demands of the labor market as well as the financial demands of modern society and civil life through financial skills acquisition.

The project produced 4 main results:

  1. 1 Combined Financial Literacy curriculum with handbook
  2. 2 MoneyRec: online interactive learning game on financial literacy
  3. 3 Role-play games Handbook to teach Financial Literacy
  4. 4 Board game to teach money management

During the project’s lifetime, 2 5-day international training events took place in France and Ireland, as well as a series of local events in each of the partner countries.


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