Women & Financial Literacy!

Managing money in the midst of life’s other priorities is no easy task. Women of all ages and backgrounds struggle with the pressure to earn enough, access education, care for a family and plan retirement.

Taking the initiative to educate yourself about complex financial decisions will help you achieve your next major milestone. Every informed financial decision you make gets you closer to that goal.

You can take action in your changing your financial trajectory right away by starting with these steps:

  • Learn your credit score
    You can get a free annual credit report at AnnualCreditReport.com, which is authorized by federal law as the official site for free annual credit reports. Then purchase your actual credit score from one of the three credit bureaus.
  • Keep a record of your personal debt
    By writing down paid off debts, you can track your progress and celebrate small victories.
  • Make a budget
    Paying off debt will be easier once you start setting limits for yourself and recognizing the difference between needs and wants.
  • Open a savings account
    With a few online banking clicks, you can set up automatic deductions from your direct-deposit debit card to an interest-earning savings account.
  • Pay overdue bills
    Stop ignoring debt collectors and find out if you can negotiate affordable payments, rather than racking up more late fees.
  • Plan for retirement
    Consider options for funding your retirement and securing your financial future.Talk to a financial advisor about your current situation and how to start planning for retirement now. From contributing to a 401(k) plan to buying an annuity to rebalancing your investment portfolio, you can build a solid strategy for your retirement.



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